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Female Health and the Importance of Going to the Gynecologist


Written by Jessica Shelburne

As complex as women are, it is relieving to know that there are doctors whose specific field of medicine is to study the biology of females. Gynecologists are hardly given the credit they deserve for work they do as they strive to ensure health and well-being for women.

Even the recommended annual appointment for examination and routine testing seems so invasive and unpleasant to think about that we try to avoid it, reschedule it and happen to be busy any day in between. However, this widespread apprehensiveness commonly associated with visiting the gynecologist is unnecessary and should be overcome by now.

If we give men access to arguably the most special part of our physicality for a good time, why should we be so uncomfortable letting a medically trained professional, who knows what they’re doing, down there?

The foremost reason why it is important for women to visit the gynecologist regularly is to make sure that we are disease-free and to remain well-informed of how to maintain the health of our beautiful bodies. Some diseases and illnesses are difficult to spot without formal testing and tend to manifest in a collection of symptoms only after they become eminently threatening.

Pelvic and gynecological exams are designed to detect any abnormalities and can be constructively treated if discovered. Other sexually transmitted diseases and infections are usually noticeable quickly, but taking the measures to cure them is exceptionally necessary for ourselves and those with whom we engage.

Alongside preventing disease, pregnancy prevention is another area of a gyno’s expertise and major concern for many young women. Receiving the most appropriate form of birth control for each woman’s unique body and needs is best accomplished through an appointment with a gynecologist, where they can explain the variety of different options. Although, in the event of pregnancy, it is essential for a woman to go to the gynecologist to determine an extended plan to care for herself and the child, or to safely explore an alternative option.

In addition to vaginal and reproductive health, breast health can also be assessed at the gynecologist and is as equally important to take care of. On average, 1 in 8 women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime, and the risk increases with prevalence of cancer in family history. Breast exams are administered at a gynecologist’s office and are extremely useful in detecting any changes, which can be effectively addressed thereafter.

Despite our love for Cosmo and other informative social platforms, gynecologists are the most reliable source of feminine health information and education, considering it’s their livelihood. Self-care is the best thing anyone can do for themselves, but especially as a woman when maintaining the wellness of our defining feminine elements.