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Get Active with Warm Weather Workouts


Written by Alexandra Gautier

With the changing of the seasons from cold and dull to bright and beautiful, the prospect of working out indoors becomes less and less appealing. There’s no reason for guilt for skipping out on a traditional indoor gym when you can still get your steps in while being outside!

The most obvious options for outdoor workouts are both jogging and walking around the campus and local neighborhoods. You can customize your workout by your selection of flatter or more hilly terrain, depending on if you want to work on distance or endurance.

Being situated in the Blue Ridge mountains gives students the perfect opportunity to hike, which allows you to get in some exercise, spend time with friends and take in the scenic views of the area. Don’t let the idea of a hike scare you, as there are hikes for all endurance levels. Beginners can enjoy hikes such as the Chestnut Ridge Trail in Roanoke which has limited changes in elevation.

If you’re less into cardio and more interested in toning specific areas of the body, then simply find a bench and begin your workout! This serves as the perfect, sturdy surface to use for elevated leg push-ups, elevated arm push ups, tricep dips, single leg squats and box jumps.

Take advantage of the tennis courts available to students located on Elizabeth Campus for a friendly (or competitive) game of tennis with friends!

Though outdoor yoga classes are lacking in the Salem and Roanoke area, you can conduct a yoga workout yourself! All you need is your yoga mat, a smart phone and a quiet place outdoors. There are plenty of great workouts on YouTube that you can follow along to if you don’t have an established yoga workout regimen, and the capability of smartphones means that your yoga studio can be anywhere.