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Listen Up Seniors, It’s The Final Countdown


Brace yourselves, seniors, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, IT is almost here (the g-word will not be used, to avoid you from bawling all over the page). But, before you get way too drunk at senior week, have your mom bawl hysterically when your name is called to get your diploma and post a single picture to Instagram, there are a few things you should have done by now. If you haven’t, you have 29 days (and counting) to catch up!

  • Get to the roof of at least one building – ‘cause why not?
  • Go ghost hunting in Monterey – they are INDEED there…
  • Have a calzone from Bob’s – it’s bigger than your head!
  • Have President Maxey know you personally – the highest honor
  • Win a prize at bingo – the prizes are actually good!
  • Walk through the antique stores on Main St. – it makes for an entertaining Snapchat story!
  • Post a picture from the Roanoke Star – just one of those Roanokey things you have to do!
  • Go a hike – a quintessential RC thing  
  • High-five Rooney – he or she literally is one of classmates
  • Play on an intramural team – D…4 athletes FTW
  • Have a well-thought-out and decently executed home-cooked dinner with your friends- even if it’s an oven lasagna, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Have a day at the lake – for those of you who live in a city, take advantage of this countryside lifestyle!
  • Be featured on any RC-related Instagram – get your clout up!
  • Do the absolute most at a sporting event – be loud and be proud!
  • Visit all the dorms you’ve lived in – thanks for memories, even though they were so Crawford