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Netflix Original Velvet Buzzsaw A Unique Thriller


Written by Jessica Shelburne

“What’s the point of art if nobody sees it?” This quote from actress Zawe Ashton, who plays Josephina in the Netflix original film Velvet Buzzsaw, set off the pattern of unfortunate events that occurred during this unconventional thriller.

When Josephina encounters a collection of abstract paintings created by fictional artist Vetril Dease, she displays them at the prestigious art gallery where she is employed at high prices due to their mysterious nature and appealing content. Soon thereafter, a series of questionable deaths and chaos ensue. The film quickly develops a very layered plot that becomes difficult to unravel, which intrigues viewers for the entire duration, but leaves them feeling perplexed and mildly unsettled.

Among others, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo do well in portraying the beautifully colored, eccentric lifestyles of individuals involved in this line of work through their roles of two ambitious employees who also work at the gallery.

Some critics review the film as hollow and superficial for its strange balance of satire and horror. Others praise it as unpredictable, undeniably entertaining and another success for director Dan Gilroy.