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Preview: RC A Capella Carnivella


Written by Jessica Shelburne

As spring begins to flourish, it is time again for the annual A Cappella Carnivella. Hosted this year by Habitat for Humanity and the RC A Cappella groups, this evening of music and harmony will consist of songs performed by the RoaNotes, Mainstreet and Looking for an Echo.

Entry is $5 for students and alumni and $7 for non-students. The groups are hoping to raise lots of money for Habitat for Humanity to continue funding their impactful operations.

This will be the final carnivella concert for senior RoaNotes director Noelle Warfford and the group hopes to make her proud for the last go around.

Sophie Blakeslee, sophomore and member of RoaNotes says, “I really hope it puts a smile on people’s faces…we have worked hard to master all of the pieces.”

The singers hope that the audience will appreciate the music and hard work involved in making the event successful, but also that they will see the singers having fun and enjoying themselves doing what they love. Music is an important element in all of their lives, whether it’s someone’s major, hobby or passion.

Hannah King, sophomore and member of Mainstreet, has grown up with music and is looking forward to sharing it with others. “I hope that everyone can see that our group is extremely diverse, but we’re all connected through our love of music,” she says.

The A Capella Carnivella will be held on April 5 at 7 P.M. in Alumni Gym.