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Queer Eye Offers Popular Take on Reality Television


Written by Joseph Carrick

The concept of a makeover is not entirely new to reality TV. America’s love of reality TV changes the lives of the subjects of these shows, either as a direct consequence from sudden fame (which would be seen in the hosts) or planned change in lifestyle over the course of the show (as seen in Queer Eye).

Queer Eye first aired in 2003 and followed five gay men (stereotyped as being experts in fashion, both in personal style and interior design) giving free makeovers to heterosexual men. From diet to decorating, the five “revamped” the lives of their subjects.

The show released its final episode in 2007, over ten years ago, so why has it suddenly gained so much traction with this generation? The show was a massive hit with the public in a time where being gay was shifting from something to hide to something to have pride about.

The loudest criticisms of the show dealt not with the portrayal of gay men, but with the stereotype that gay men had some inherent fashion sense superior to that of heterosexual men.

This stereotype aside, why has the show become so popular with young adults today? The positive energy of the show has been an important attribute of the show.

Lifting up guys who seem to be at the lowest point in their lives to a new height is something special to witness. The show isn’t known for its drama filled plotlines, but rather the positive change it brings to its subjects, and consequently to its viewers as well.