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Steppin’ Up and Steppin’ Out


Written by Emma Grosskopf and Shamira James

We’re sure that every gal has read at least one article with “clothing” tips (ones that compare our bodies to fruit, or suggest that we follow expensive trends or equally unrealistic garbage). Because we have (usually very loud) opinions on LITERALLY everything, we, Emma and Shamira, have decided to bless you with a few clothing tips of our own, tips that we’re pretty sure you’ll ACTUALLY use.

Baggier Isn’t Always Better

Oversized stuff is always the move when you want to dress down, thotiana, but it’s a little harder to dress it up. Opt for something flattering that hugs your form, but doesn’t strangle it, making you look like a busted can o’ biscuits.

Buckle or Begone!

If your pants have belt loops, they better be filled with a belt. Period. Belts can be functional AND fashionable, so hit up Amazon for knock off designer belts and pull those pants up and secure them.

Keep Those Soles Thicc

Flat shoes tend to make short and husky legs look shorter and huskier, so try shoes with a thicker sole or even a heel if you’re feelin’ extra zesty. The “dad” shoe offers more comfort and is trendy right now, so when you’re making your way downtown, walking fast, you can forgo your Dr. Scholl’s.

Back to the Basics

It’s nice to have a few funky pieces in your wardrobe (like my checkered pants or go-to velvet blouse), but you can’t go wrong with simplicity. Neutral colors, black booties and a good pair of jeans go a long way. Being able to rely on basics can really elevate your wardrobe! You’ll never have nothing to wear.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Be aware of your own body: know what size you are when you go shopping. Be honest with yourself. If you’re a thicker gal, own that! Go ahead and buy those XLs, shop in that plus-size section and OWN IT! Wear YOUR size!

Floodpants No More

If you’re a tall gal like me, you probably have NO pants that are long enough. My advice for you would be to either tuck your jeans into tall boots, or cuff them. If your jeans are cuffed, people can’t see that they secretly are flood pants. We love a height-friendly hack.

Size Matters

Make sure you have proper undergarments! Keep an eye out for panty lines and make sure your bra is your size (fittings are free at most department stores! SHAM HERE: Victoria’s Secret missized me! Go to a department store and wear a thin shirt so you can get accurately sized!)

Color Me Happy

Figure out which colors look good on your skin tone! Because I am fair-skinned, I gravitate toward warmer colors like red and pink (when I’m not wearing things like, say, black leather or cheetah print!).

Pull ‘Em On Up

High-waisted pants provide support and coverage if you’re a little more self-conscious about the gut situation. Thank GOD we are no longer in the Hilary-Duff-low-rise-jeans era anymore, because high-waisted jeans are just generally more flattering, hide our muffin tops and define our waists.

Don’t worry about what other people are thinking. If you read these tips and thought, shut the hell up, I do what I want, then that’s your prerogative. In the end, it’s all about what makes YOU feel good and what makes YOU feel beautiful.