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The Swipe Out: Hacks…We’re In!


Written by Shamira James

With 20-something days left on Maxey’s green campus (OUCH THAT’S SO FEW DAYS), I’m about to bless you all with some ways to get major bang for your…swipe.

Commons Hacks

After freshman year, some of us had to mourn the death of our 19-swipe meal plan, but fear not. Here’s some ways to finesse the Commons system without trying to sneak in behind your tall and/or broad friend.

  • Stay put, save a swipe – it’s lunch time and you’re done for the day right? Save yourself the hassle of packing up and the stress of using a swipe. Just whip out your laptop and whichever homework you haven’t done yet and make Commons your study room. That way when dinner comes around, you won’t have to swipe in again.
  • Rules are meant to be….bent like plastic – I’m gonna keep it a 100 with you. I know that little 8×11 sign says “no Tupperware is allowed” but here the thing: A MEAL PLAN IS TOO MUCH MONEY OUT OF MY POCKETS FOR ME TO NOT WANT TO TAKE SOME OF THE RICOTTA PASTA BAKE BACK TO MY MARION ROOM AND ENJOY IN MY BED WITH NO PANTS AND BOYZ II MEN BLARING. My honest advice with this, is just to not get caught.
  • Minis FTW: Jellys, jams, graham crackers, soup crackers, tea bags, sugar packets, cream cheeses. What do all of those things have in common? They are all individually packaged and up for grabs in Commons. Why give Kroger any more of your money, when it’s basically free here?
  • Revamp and refresh – for those who don’t have the luxury of going home anytime they want to get a nice home cooked meal or can’t afford to eat out for every meal, we are bound to the plentiful meals of Colket…but sometimes they just ain’t hittin. But don’t worry! That stale cookie is nothing a microwave can’t handle, if the main course is speaking to your soul step up to the the MYO station and be Chef Curry with the pot, 360 with the wrist.

Cavern Hacks

  • Well I Do Declare – I’m from Baltimore, MD. While some parts of MD are yee yee, Baltimore is not, but I’ll be diddly darned if I don’t just randomly crave a sweet tea. But sometimes not enough to use a whole swipe. Do yourself a favor and stockpile your Cavern cups. That way, whenever you need to wet your whistle, you got your vessel there. YEE HAW!
  • FRESHMAN FRESHMAN FRESHMAN – Freshman literally have it made! 19 meals a week, AND they don’t ever use their print money. Make good pals with a freshman, and you’ll have always have an extra swipe for Cavern.

Don’t bite the hand – They never forget faces down there in Cavern so always say please and thank you, smile and don’t be annoying. You might find yourself with some extra fries every now and again.