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Viet Sub: Fresh, Fast and Delicious!


Written by Brice Hall

One of the most overlooked dining spots that this area has to offer is called Viet Sub. The restaurant is located at 1403 Williamson RD NE, a little ways outside of downtown Roanoke. The establishment boasts an impressive 4.9 stars on Google review, and has hundreds of customer satisfaction testimonials.

The tiny sandwich shop is one of the hidden treasures of Roanoke. They serve the Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi.  It is basically a ham sandwich, but there is a delicious veggie option that substitutes the meat for fried tofu, as well as several other tantalizing twists on the standard Banh Mi. This tiny refreshing sandwich is a perfect lunch or dinner.

Viet Sub offers a spectacular deal that all patrons should take advantage of: a sandwich, a side and a drink for only $6.45. This is a fantastic deal that can’t be beat. The restaurant is exceedingly affordable – its most expensive item is a bowl of pho for only $7.

Viet Sub is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week except Sunday.

If you are looking to have a cheap, delicious meal that is outside of your normal Maroon diet, just head on over to Viet Sub!