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Give the Chainsmokers a Listen


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

The Chainsmokers are a group that do their thing, release some songs here and there, and you don’t hear too much about them. They put out some hits every once and a while, but don’t get overshadowed by big names like Ariana Grande and Drake. A perfect example is one of their latest songs “This Feeling,” which came out in the fall but is just starting to get played and recognized by fans. It’s a song with a good beat that starts out slow but works up to a song you can totally dance to. The lyrics are relatable and, to some, even inspiring.

The song portrays the back and forth feelings a couple experiences when their friends don’t approve. The girl in this relationship talks about telling her friends the reasons why she wants to be with the guy, but they just say she needs help. Likewise, the man tells his friends why he wants to be with the girl, but his friends talk about how crazy he is for this to their friends.

The couple joins together to sing the chorus, “They tell me think with my head, not that thing in my chest/ they got their hands at my neck this time/ but you’re the one that I want, if that’s really so wrong/ then they don’t know what this feeling is like.”

Relationships can be tough if the friends aren’t supportive, but the couple knows how they feel and don’t let their friends get in the way. Sometimes, despite all of the odds, a couple can truly be good for each other, and as long as they are happy, then what is matters. Like the guy in the relationship says, “In the end, it’s my decision, so it’s my fault when it ends.”

In college, we all make mistakes about people we date, but it is always a lesson to be learned, and sometimes a seemingly bad couple can turn into a power couple when they rise above the doubters.