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Taylor Swift Teases Forthcoming Album


Written by Jordan Hanson

Something is coming, and we’re pretty sure it’s a new album. On April 13, pop queen Taylor Swift stormed Instagram posting the date ‘4.26’, making a string of posts with a new aesthetic all with the same caption repeatedly referencing the date, as well as a countdown to April 26 on her website.

If you know anything about Taylor Swift lore, you know she loves the number 13. She posted the countdown on April 13 – and the countdown was for 13 days. Coincidence? Fans think not. Taylor! We see you! And we’re definitely following the countdown. (There’s about a week left, and this is the only thing getting some of us through the end of the semester.)

If this countdown doesn’t lead to the announcement of a new album, fans will be shocked. There’s been a breach in music released since Reputation and plenty of hints at a new chapter.

Of course, something else is also happening on April 26 that many entertainment fans have been looking forward to since this time last year – the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. So maybe it’s not a new album Taylor is counting down to. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll be debuting her movie career. Far-fetched, sure, but her boyfriend Joe Alwyn is an actor.