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Tips for a POPPIN Playlist


Sometimes when you go on Spotify, you go for a very specific song, maybe to play “Work”  by Rihanna because its been 3678387 days since she’s made a song, maybe it’s to play “Old Town Road” because you want to show everyone where the horses are or maybe it’s to play some Boyz II Men because, word on the street is they’re incredible. But other times you want to put on a playlist and jam out to multiple songs, but if your playlists are trash, then you won’t be jamming out to anything. Here are some tips to polish your playlist game.

  1. Decades on Decades – Decade playlists are super easy but always get the party started. Everyone loves a good nostalgic feel, so throw together some R&B hits from the 90s and bring out your inner aunty/uncle.
  2. Vague Ain’t Bad – If the playlist is just covering a genre, that opens so many windows and doors for you because it’ll never end! There will always be something to add to it because there’s always new music coming out in that genre, so that “lit rap songs” playlist will be over 45 hours in no time
  3. Mood Music – This is for someone a little above the beginner level; if you notice that a few songs follow a trend or have a certain sound, then boom you got yourself a playlists. Songs like Bruno Mars’ “Natalie”, Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” and Fall Out Boy’s “Jet Pack Blues” have this very dark and almost ominous sound that set the mood for a broody rainy evening in.
  4. Titles Are Everything – Sometimes the title of what it really is, like a 90’s pop playlist, or an emo playlist isn’t bad, but thinking of a clever and fun name that conveys the message like “Girls Literally Scream Every Time They Hear These Songs” or “These Songs Sound Old But In A Good Way.”