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End Your Year on A Healthy Note: Learning to Respect Yourself and Your Body is a Habit


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

It’s finally here. School is almost over. This is the end of the 2018-2019 Roanoke College school year. Now that there is less on everyone’s plates, we should all look at ways in which we can better ourselves over the Summer.

The easiest way to improve ourselves would be to cultivate good habits. This can be as calm as simply organizing one’s room every morning and making one’s bed in order to live in an environment that is conducive to positivity and achievement. It could be as active as starting to run or to work out. By building connections between the mind and body we can work to reduce stress and anxiety, and thus empower ourselves to be better. The most effective way to create change in ourselves is to, first, take stock of what we are and what exactly we want to change. We need to recognize that we are fluid as humans and that nothing is permanent. The good things in our life could vanish in a moment. The bad things in our life could dissipate in a second. The only thing that is a constant in our lives is ourselves. Learn to respect and appreciate yourself so that you can grow. This summer will hopefully allow you to relax more and focus on maintaining and fine tuning the miraculous machine that is YOU. Be kind to yourself and prosper. The sun is shining!