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Give Your Winter Wardrobe an Upgrade


Written by Alexandra Gautier

Out with the cold and in with the new! We can officially say goodbye to the winter weather (thank God), which means that we also have to say bye to heavy coats, boots and scarves. To make this transition a little easier, here are some tips to allow you to keep wearing your favorite pieces without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

If you have a cute sweater you want to wear, pair it with a some shorts or a flowy, spring-y skirt. If you still want to wear jeans, be sure to wear a short sleeve shirt. The general rule of thumb with this fashion forward approach is to even out your look with heavy and light items. Still want to wear your Doc Martens during the warmer months? The same idea applies. If you can even out these heavier items with lightweight clothing on top, there’s no need to pack them up and put them in storage until fall comes back around.

Winter clothes are generally dark and dull, so start integrating a few pops of color into your outfit. By adding a bright necklace, light scarf, or pair of shoes of a bright hue, you can perk up your look. If you are feeling a little bolder, start reaching for shirts or pants in pastels.

It’s finally entering white jeans season, people! This piece automatically makes your look spring-appropriate, even if you are donning a light sweater of some kind. Throw on a pair of strappy sandals and you are good to go.

You can now enjoy the seasonal changes (despite the pollen count) in style.