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No One: … Shamira: I Just Think it’s Funny How…


Written by Shamira James

Well, it’s been two weeks since I wrote my scathing piece doing the one thing no other Roanoke College boy will do- CALL OUT OTHER ROANOKE COLLEGE BOYS! Since then, I’ve received a mix of reactions, and it’s not as black and white as it may seem. Yes, most girls who read it completely agree with my points and see my undeniable genius and visionary quality, but the guys are the ones on the fence…who’s surprised? Guys’ main approach to the article is “I agree but…” followed by some asinine and painfully obvious question like “oh, you don’t think girls are indirect?” WELL BUTTER MY BUNS AND CALL ME A BISCUIT!  I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS SO ONE DIMENSIONAL TO BELIEVE GIRLS DIDN’T HAVE A HAND IN SOME OF THE MESSES THEY FIND THEMSELVES IN. Trust me, there have been many a times when I have been diagnosed with DBS (dumb-broad syndrome), but it takes two to tango, so let’s address some of the criticisms.

“If you’re ever 100% obvious, you’ll never get laid.” – Let me finish rolling my eyes before I address this. I get that the mystery and the element of surprise is what makes any interaction fun and daring. When I said be honest with someone, I don’t mean right when you meet them to lay everything out on the line. That doesn’t mean you have to play them, there’s a certain point where you have a window to be honest about your intentions, and you’ll be able to identify it, because it’s usually when you decide to ghost the girl or act like you don’t know her when you see her in Commons.

“Are you seriously trying to tell me girls don’t pick fights and agitate?” – No, you jackass, is that what you read? Girls are emotional, meaning that our fights and agitations and pettiness comes from a place of emotion. Men’s agitation comes from a place of seemingly just for the fun of it. You can’t tell me that if you, as a guy, know what ticks a girl off, you’re not gonna do it? You are because that’s the person you are. It’s not an awful thing but then you really have zero place to be upset when she acts petty right back.

“I just don’t think you hang around the right guys because not all guys act like this.” – I’m gonna keep it very 100 with you- every single guy from the one that is the living legend Shemar James to the last guy I made out with, fits the bill of what I described as an issue. I know I don’t know every guy on this planet (that truly sounds like the most awful experience), but of the ones that I’ve met, y’all ain’t special. I’m not saying you’re a mean guy. I’m not saying you are evil-spirited. I’m not even saying girls are that much different. I just think that you have to be a special kind of oblivious to not see that you are not an angel, and mama’s little boy is capable of being trash.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to introspection. How much outside of yourself can you get to find the flaws within you and the company you keep. No one is perfect, and college age boys and girls are the furthest from it. We all just need to understand that at one point or another, we have been the problem. When we realize that and correct it, we can go from there.