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Freshman 15: Tips to Living Your Best Life


Below are some tips that are not just a defense against Freshman 15 but a guide to healthy lifestyle that can help you live your best life that you can carry well out of freshman year and college.

  1. Moderation is everything

Don’t limit yourself but also don’t overdo. If you want a brownie, take a brownie. But don’t eat the whole tray. If you restrict yourself from certain aspects of life, more times than not you want to do or eat that thing that is “forbidden”. Go by the 80/20 rule for all things in life, not just eating. 80% of the time eat healthy, 20% of the time enjoy yourself by getting your Chick-fil-A fix or only eat carbs for a meal. The same goes for school: 80% of the time focus on your studies and on yourself, 20% of the time, socialize and hang out with your friends.

2. Exercise



Did you know just a 20-minute walk can improve your mood significantly, according to the Washington Post? Physical activity does not just regulate your weight, but stimulates brain activity, releases endorphins which improve one’s mood, and promotes regular intake of oxygen. Take advantage of the Belk Center, which has state of the art equipment, and the free fitness classes offered by Campus Rec! Grab a group of friends and get your Zumba on!


3. Maintain Structure


Often not having a structured schedule leads to unhealthy decisions. Also, it’ll help you to balance your schoolwork and social life.


4. Get some zzzs!


Sleep is your body’s time to repair itself. Don’t rely on four cups of coffee or energy drinks to power throw the day. Sleep will help you from falling asleep in class as well as give you the willpower to resist unhealthy temptations

5. Have Fun!



This one is the most important one. If you’re not happy or enjoying yourself, what’s the point of breaking your back for class and a great body? Your happiness is the most important thing in the long run. Focus on yourself and don’t be afraid to say no (or yes!). Stay true to yourself and enjoy the next four years here.