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“Look Mom I Can Fly” Soars into Netflix


Written by Alexandra Gautier

Not many artists in today’s music industry can say that an album has been a culmination of two decades work – but Travis Scott claims exactly that about his album AstroWorld in his Netflix documentary “Look Mom, I Can Fly.” “Astro[World] has been a concept I’ve been working on since I was six years old,” said Scott. This documentary gives fans a front row seat to his personal journey in creating the album, his private life in the spotlight, and life before the fame.

Fans who couldn’t attend his over-the-top performances (containing smoke, lights, stage diving and a golden bird suspended in the air above the stage) will be consoled to catch a glimpse of his various sets, as the documentary includes snippets from his tour.

There are many fan testimonies to how the rapper, affectionately known as La Flame, personally affected their lives in a positive way. One such fan said “throughout high school… I was super depressed and I had no one to turn to and he was the first person to let me know that I wasn’t alone.” The individual later credits La Flame for saving his life. 

Further, this documentary will stand out to viewers because it unveils his highest highs, such as the birth of his daughter Stormi Webster, and his lowest lows, like losing the Grammy for Best Rap Album to Cardi B. Often celebrities prefer to only display the best moments of their lives, but Scott does not shy away from bearing his soul in this documentary, as he does in his music.