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RC Students Explore Clubs and Activities


Written by Robby Mangum

On Friday, August 30, Roanoke College held its biyearly activities fair. Representatives from every type of on-campus organization (including Greek life, activity clubs, and religious groups) attended the activities fair in an attempt to attract new members, especially among the freshman class. In addition, external organizations such as the Salem Police Department and United States Marine Corps were present.

Many freshmen braved the heat and sun to attend the activity fair. Freshman Jarod Le said that he signed up for several clubs, including economics and math club, since he was getting “quite bored” of his dorm.

Freshman Ava Glover said that she joined a ‘naturally curly hair club.’ 

“They offer tips on maintaining curly hair, which can be hard, and it’s just hard to say ‘no’ to,” said Glover.

RC has over 100 clubs and student organizations, covering every interest from journalism to beekeeping. Information about clubs can be found online on ClubHub, a website on which every Roanoke student has an account. From ClubHub, students can look at club rosters, messages, and information. It’s a great system for keeping up with student organizations.

RC prides itself on offering a student group for everyone. If there’s a club you’d like to bring to campus, you can get involved yourself and take the initiative to make it happen! All it takes is six like-minded individuals, one faculty sponsor, and Student Government Association (SGA) approval of the club constitution. Contact Ms. Dani Moore, assistant director of student activities, or any officer of SGA for more information. The RC Student Activities Office is located in the Colket Atrium near the WRKE radio studio.