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RC Upgrades the Student Experience


Written by Bradley Bommarito

There’s no doubt that the summer is an exciting time for students. For four months out of the year, we have the chance to catch up on sleep, restore our checking accounts, and reunite with old friends. While we’re recuperating from the previous semester, however, a sizeable proportion of the RC faculty and staff remains hard at work to repair, maintain, and upgrade the physical spaces that define our student experience.

The employees of Commons and Cavern have accomplished an extensive list of updates in just a few short months. According to Mr. Tim Tenon, the general manager of RC Dining Services, some of the most prominent changes have taken place in Cavern. The menu has been expanded to include burritos as an option, and the space was repainted and redecorated. Many of the chairs in both Commons and Cavern have been reupholstered, and the layout of the fountain beverage machines in Commons has been reorganized. Additionally, Dining Services is testing a new expansion to Friday on the Quad (FOTQ) options.

“We are trying some experimental changes to FOTQ’s this fall based on feedback from students. Two meals will be served in the Commons, with take-out options available for those wishing to continue to eat outside and enjoy the FOTQ activities. Meal swipes or payment will be required for Commons meal options,” said Tenon.

Those who haven’t checked out Rooney’s Brews on the ground floor of Fintel Library are missing out on an expanded menu new daily specials. Nitro brew coffee is now available. Connoisseurs of sparkling water beverages such as myself should rejoice- a Bubly sprakling water machine will soon be available in Commons, in addition to fresh infused ice water dispensers.

Other changes are being considered and may be tested or implemented in the near future. A brown bag breakfast option (that will be a meal exchange item) may be trialed at Rooney’s Brews. Discussions with a third-party vendor regarding the availability of fresh sushi in Cavern on certain days are in progress. Management will be evaluating the sustainability of Dining Services operations and food waste outputs. They will also be working with a dietician in order to improve food options for those with special dietary needs.

According to Mr. Michael Vaught, RC manager of plant operations, one change that students that may notice are the addition of large umbrellas around campus- three of them are located on the Pierro Plaza and three more are on the Sutton Terrace. The Olin Hall galleries were updated with new paint and carpeting. A new sidewalk was constructed on Market St. in front of the Bast Center. Additionally, a few residential halls were extensively renovated.

“In Marion Hall, we replaced all the lighting with LED fixtures and replaced all the ceiling tiles. We installed new carpet in the hallways and common areas and replaced the tile floors, vanities, and sinks in the residential rooms,” said Vaught.

RC Building and Grounds also installed new carpet and tile on the ground floor of Chalmers. The Bast 238 classroom was completely renovated, with brand new walls, ceiling, LED lighting, carpet, and paint.

Last Monday was Labor Day, a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September that honors the American labor movement and the power of collective action by laborers, who are essential for the workings of society. RC’s dedicated faculty and staff consistently work to improve our campus, completing jobs that are invisible to many of us. On behalf of The Brackety-Ack and the RC student body, I would like to thank the employees who make the student experience at RC possible.