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Sun Has Set on Summer Flings


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Hello Roanoke College, your favorite gossip columnist here, and the time has come for the sun to set on those summer romances and the love birds must face reality. Your favorite girl-next-door was spotted moving back in without a single picture to show for her summer boo. Was Kate really alone all summer? Not a chance, but it looks like Kate has kissed her summer fling goodbye and is back on Tinder and ready for whoever comes next. 

Kate’s Fourth of July was full of fireworks in every possible way. Our witnesses tell us she hid out in her car watching the fireworks display with her summer cutie, and from there they were inseparable. They went on ice cream dates, attended various house parties, and attempted to watch movies but never actually made it through the whole movie. 

As the weeks went on, their dates went on past midnight, and their move-in dates neared. Finally, come August, Kate and Chase had to have the long-awaited but heavily dreaded conversation. What was going to happen to the love birds when they arrived back to school? Kate, of course, is always running around, getting involved with as much as she can and is always spotted with a group of people. Our reports say that Chase would be going to a school hundreds of miles away, yet they agreed to try to make things work. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Kate doesn’t have a single picture of this new boy hanging in her dorm, so things must’ve fallen flat pretty fast. We all know Kate is a major flirt, and had her eyes on a certain boy or two when she left for summer vacay, so are we really surprised this didn’t last? I’m not, but then again, who am I to judge? 

You know you love me. XOXO