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Switch Up Your Semester


Written by Joyelle Ronan

When you have multiple exams, homework, and presentations all due at the same time, college seems never ending. However, there are only four years to make the most of this weird communal, educational adventure. Yet, many students tend to find themselves reliving the same experiences. Even freshman can quickly find themselves in a rut. A new semester is a chance to break out of collegiate comfort zones. Here are a few ways to revamp your fall semester:

Switch up your look — If you’ve never dyed your own or your friend’s hair in a dorm bathroom, you’re really missing out on an experience. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic though. Hit up some thrift shops and find some outfits you like but wouldn’t ordinarily wear to class. You’d be surprised how a new style can make you feel. Making a physical change as simple as getting a haircut can help you feel transformed.

Develop your palate- Tendies day is always a good time but Commons has more to offer. College is a good time to eat the “adult” food that has always scared you. Find a delicious way to get your daily veggie quota in. Take advantage of your meal plan and try something new every week. During holidays like Hanukkah, Commons will make traditional Jewish food. It was my first time ever trying latkes and my life will never be the same.

Make a new friend- It’s so easy to stick with the same friend group and never branch out. If you see someone sitting alone, ask to join them. Talk to someone in a different major in an INQ class. You may assume that you don’t have anything in common with someone and then learn that you both love reading the Brackety-Ack. Even if that person isn’t going to become your new best friend, it’s nice to see a familiar face on campus.

Join a new club- If you went to the activities fair last week, then you know Roanoke has a lot of great clubs to join. Clubs are a great way to take on a leadership role and get more involved around campus. Maybe your want to trade in your fake plants for real ones? Join the gardening club! Can you harmonize? There are several a cappella groups where you can show your talents. If there isn’t a club for your interests, create one!

Get out there and have a blast! Also, do your homework and drink water too. Welcome (back) Everyone!