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“The Handmaid’s Tale” Season Three: Save the Children


Written by Joseph Carrick

Hulu’s original series The Handmaid’s Tale has reached season three and has left both loyal followers and critics, alike, enthralled and somewhat conflicted. The latest season doubled down on symbolic imagery and music over dialogue, and while this alone is not necessarily a mark against the film series, the show seems to have run out of ideas for June. Without going into spoilers, consider June’s character from both seasons one and two. Now imagine the exact same thing happening again – only this time June can’t seem to decide if she cares about surviving or not and occasionally remembering that she has a daughter she is supposed to be trying to save. SPOILERS AHEAD:

Throughout the season the plot was almost non existent with most of the episodes following along the lines of “wow it sure does suck we live in an oppressive patriarchy. I sure do wish someone would do something about that.” However, it picked up in the final part of the season with June wanting to send a plane-load of children off to Canada, which came out of the blue while not attempting to save her own daughter. This plot is introduced late enough into the season that it is pulled off to some satisfaction.

Serena Joy picks up her plot thread from season two of wanting to save “her” baby Nicole. Considering Nicole is an international crisis because of her, one would think Gilead would cut its losses and give Serena a few adoptive children, but that would assume Gilead was run with any hint of common sense. Suddenly the leader of Gilead disappears into thin air,thanks to June, and the nation runs around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off. The bright minds running this circus decide now is a great time to declare war on Canada due to an incident on the border.

 Only one person has his head on his shoulders at the moment: Commander Lawrence, and naturally he is working for the resistance to get the children (and ideally himself) out of Gilead. Seeing as he is the de facto leader he could, as a rational human would do, try to undermine the old Gilead ways until he can peacefully overturn the old order. He is tired of living like this: in a nation that cost his wife her sanity and her life. Instead he assumes all is lost and saves a plane of children while resigning who knows how many more to a life of torment. 

So season three has… issues. Season four has been green lighted, and despite all that has happened, it is still highly anticipated by both fans and critics alike. The show cannot stop earning award nominations for acting and screenplay, so clearly there is more than just the plot to follow. The Handmaid’s Tale is available on Hulu, YouTube premium, and Amazon Prime. Season four will release sometime this coming spring.