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Welcome Back Maroon Athletes and Fans!


Written by Garrett Ruggieri

Welcome back Maroons! It is time to flood the stands with maroon and grey, our RC athletics are back in action. The 2019-2020 NCAA year is upon us. Roanoke is kicking off the year strong with soccer, field hockey, volleyball and cross country.

The men’s and women’s soccer teams are off to a fast start this season, and in fact, the women’s team got some action abroad prior to arriving at Roanoke. Yes, our Maroons went to Costa Rica and sported a 3-0 campaign as well as enjoying some fun is the sun. They were able to share important team bonding before the start of the school year during this trip. Sophomore, Isabella Ubaydi, shared, “we all loved the trip and our favorite thing was riding the catamaran”. She also mentioned the pride the team had going undefeated away from the home turf, exclaiming the notion that they were happy to bring it home for the coaches because that feat had never been accomplished before in program history. When asked about being back in the swing of things here at Roanoke, Ubaydi said, “I have been injured but I am really excited to be back and play a team from my home state of Michigan this weekend”. 

On the men’s side, sophomore, Jacob Humer shared his goals for the upcoming year. “I basically have a few new years resolutions for myself. I’m in the gym every morning this year and I want to do better in school because that is important to me too”. The men’s team is set to play their first home tournament of the year this weekend at Kerr Stadium. All players, coaches and trainers are excited to get out on the pitch and are hopeful to see fans just as pumped up in the stands. 

After a long summer, it is finally time to put your hands together for another year of thrilling Maroon’s athletics. For the love of the game, get out their and support our men and women and welcome them back with a standing “O”.