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The Brackety-Ack Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Emma Grosskopf

Emma is a senior communications studies and French double major who enjoys eating pizza and procrastinating on schoolwork by watching Tasty videos online. She isn’t nearly as funny as she thinks she is, and she is, in reality, ten times more bossy than she thinks she is. Solid 7/10. Hidden talents include being able to make balloon animals, imitating RC professors, and plugging the Brackety-Ack into every single conversation.


Social Media Coordinator: Shamira James

shamira james

Shamira is 21 years old and she is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a Communications major and a Creative Writing minor. Her favorite things are chicken alfredo, her mom, Bruno Mars and the Brackety-Ack…in no specific order.


Manager: Madalyn Chapman

Madalyn is a sophomore Communication Studies and French double major with a minor in Foreign Politics from Kennebunkport, Maine. Aside from managing and writing for the Brackety-Ack, she is an active member of the RC Wind Ensemble and works in Public Relations. She also works as a Social Media Assistant for the Communication Studies department.


Entertainment Editor: Jessica Shelburne

Born and raised in southwest Virginia, Jessica has grown up in close proximity to Roanoke College. Jessica is a sophomore and has hopes of majoring in philosophy with a Spanish minor. Aside from the Brackety-Ack, Jessica also works for the Roanoke College radio station – WRKE, is a member of the dance team, and participates in multiple on-campus clubs. She enjoys community involvement such as volunteering with political campaigns and visiting nursing homes where she sings and plays her guitar.


News Editor: Bradley Bommarito

Bradley Bommarito is from Hampshire County, West Virginia. He is a sophomore in the Honors program with intentions of majoring in business administration with concentrations in accounting and finance. His passion for journalism led him to be editor-in-chief of his high school’s paper, and now he’s found his place with the Brackety-Ack.  Bradley is very active on campus, currently serving as vice president of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) club and vice president of Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers (AAF) club. He loves working with his colleagues at the newspaper and he is looking forward to a fantastic year!


Opinion Editor: Joe Krzyston

Joe Krzyston is a senior from Richmond, Virginia. Pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing, he expects to make somebody a fine cup of coffee someday. He very much enjoys his role as opinion/humor editor of the Brackety Ack, as he is highly opinionated and much too pompous to understand that he is not particularly funny.


Sports Editor: Kaelyn Spickler

Kaelyn is a sophomore Communication Studies major from Bridgewater, Virginia. You will likely see her in the press box working the games or in the stands cheering on the Maroons, but don’t be fooled, she thinks she knows more about sports than she actually does. Her ultimate goal is to host Good Morning America or write for People magazine.


Food/Wellness EditorAeryn McMurtry

Aeryn is a senior double major in Literary Studies and Creative Writing who really wishes she knew basic math. She enjoys long walks on the beach, meeting your parents, and pretending like everything is an online dating profile. Her favorite hobbies besides writing for the Brackety-Ack are sleep, her dogs, and regretting not joining a real sport in high school.

Faculty Adviser: Tom Carter

Alumni Adviser: Jenny Boone