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RC Season Openers Recap


Written by Ian Gillen

Men’s Basketball

The Men’s Basketball season is underway with six home games coming up in the month of December.  The team opened up conference play on Sunday with a dominant win over Hampden-Sydney, 93-48, and they continued their winning streak on Tuesday when the team took over Southern Virginia, 79-76.

Women’s Basketball

The Lady Maroons started their season out with a win on the road before they returned to Salem to carry out their season.  The team came back from the holiday break ready to play as the ladies dominated Methodist on Sunday, 78-33. On Wednesday the team fell to Guilford, 61-53, in a close game.


The Swimming teams continued their spectacular seasons at Emory and Henry with the men winning all 14 of the events, and the women winning 10 of the 14.  Each team remains undefeated with the bulk of the regular season now completed.


The Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams will begin their seasons this weekend in the Cregger Center as they will host to an array of schools.  Events will be held Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, so come support the team get off to a strong start.

Professional Football Report: NFL Teams Fight for A Playoff Spot


Written by Ian Gillen

As the weather gets colder across the nation, stakes get higher and the teams get hotter in the National Football League.  The Saints and Rams continue their domination of the league while the Jets and Cardinals continue their fall into mediocrity and top draft picks.

The NFC divisional races are, for the most part, wrapped up aside from the eternally chaotic East.  Thanks to the disappointment that has been the Eagles’ Super Bowl hangover, and win over the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys have stumbled their way into the top spot.

The AFC, on the other hand, have divisional to make NASCAR proud.   The North, South and West all have teams within two games at the top of the standings.  The other Los Angeles team find themselves one game back of the youthful Chiefs and Pittsburgh sits one game ahead of the Ravens.  A Monday night victory has the Texans set up nicely for a playoff spot as they look ahead to the Browns in order to continue their win streak.

The battle for the number one draft pick is also heating up in the always embarrassing fashion.  San Francisco, Arizona and Oakland all sit at two wins. With every week these sad seasons come closer to a fitting end as their fans pray for the finish line.

The good news, regardless of who you root for, is that your team’s fate will be sealed soon enough, and the push towards the draft or the post-season will be fulfilled.

Rooney’s Senior Roundup


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

#3 C.J. Miles

Men’s Basketball


Only six games into the season, Guard C.J. Miles reached one of basketball’s most prestigious milestones- hitting the 1,000 point mark. These points come from his stellar 37.8% three point percentage and his impeccable 80% free throw percentage. These high statistics so early in the season show how hard the senior has worked throughout his career, and especially in the pre-season. Another key to scoring over 1,000 points is his quickness and ability to read the offense, along with the defense. He has raked up 11 steals, and fought for 13 rebounds. It is obvious that Miles is a crucial member of the team, and he is someone the team relies on heavily to carry them to success. The Maroons are currently 4-2 this season, and they will lean on Miles to help maintain a strong season.

Miles has been a key component to the Maroons throughout his whole career. He played in 25 games his freshman year to earn him a 25.9% three-point percentage and 92.% free throw percentage. His three-point percentage increased dramatically his sophomore season, going up to 49.2%. He maintained a high success rate last season as his three-point percentage ranked up to 45.2%, and his free-throw percentage was 85.3%. With these statistics, it is no wonder how Miles has 1,010 career points. Congratulations to C.J. Miles!

Athletes Get Their Fill of Gym Time Instead of Turkey Over Break


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

For many of us, this past week’s break was a time where we caught up on sleep, visited with family, filled our plates with stuffing, and then hit the mall on Black Friday. For the athletes in season, however, their break was not as relaxing or carb-filled. Instead, they hit the gym and weight room to stay in shape, but they still indulged in some good food.

The swimmers were encouraged to workout every day over break as the team did not want to risk losing their undefeated status. “Our coach made a Google Doc with what was expected of us over break like cross-over symmetries, and getting in the pool and weight room every day,” sophomore Sarah Virginia Scott said. This meant that unlike many of us who spent the days sleeping in, Scott and her teammates did not join us, and instead were up and doing their exercises. “Obviously, it affected sleeping in or taking naps, but I think this is what makes us a successful team and reminds us what we are working towards.”

With the track team’s season opener this weekend, it was, especially, crucial the team did not let themselves go over the break. The team was able to go home on Tuesday, but that does not mean they were not working hard. “We were to continue with our workouts and our running schedule, which consisted of lifting in the weight room and running every day, even on Thanksgiving. The workouts ended up being an hour to two hours. Hopefully doing this pays off this weekend during our meet and shows in the points we accumulate,” said freshman pole vaulter Jackson Smith. Because he was keeping up with his workouts, Smith enjoyed all of the Thanksgiving food. “I ate just as much as I normally would on Thanksgiving. I probably ate way too much.”

In order to prepare for their game this past Sunday, the Women’s Basketball team was to be back and ready for practice at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 24. Sophomore Guard Kristina Harrel, along with sophomore Guard Megan Wheeler, was not able to make it to practice due to a mix up with their flights. “I had a flight out of Philadelphia that was supposed to arrive in Roanoke at 12:30 that day, but there was a misapproach for the runway in Roanoke, so they flew us into Tennessee. We were sitting in the airport for a few hours, and then they finally cancelled our flight. At this point it was 4:00 p.m., and the airport was two and half hours away, so I had to call my coach and let her know what was happening,” Harrel said. The two girls made up for missing practice by hitting the gym extra early on Sunday. “We had a walk through planned for 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, and Megan and I went in an hour early because we wanted to get some shots up before the game that night.”

For those of you who stayed wrapped in bed until late afternoon, or ate half of the pumpkin pie, make sure not to rub it into the athlete’s faces. Do make sure to catch these teams in action, though, to see how their hard work paid off.

The Brackety-Ack Presents: Holiday Party Survival Guide


While many people are preparing for a holly, jolly holiday, college kids like us are panicking about our futures, and it doesn’t help when our family members won’t stop asking about our plans post-graduation, or nosing into our personal lives. Here are a few tips to make any holiday party with family better and less stressful this season.

  1. Pour eggnog on the head of anyone that even looks like they might ask, “what do you want to do after graduation?” While this is an abhorrent waste of a perfectly good holiday drink, it buys you some time to escape from your nosy relative.
  2. If your relative asks about a significant other, change the subject immediately to how WONDERFUL and TASTY that relative’s fruitcake is. No, really. It’s incredible. Best dang fruitcake I’ve ever had. Who DOESN’T love dates, raisins, walnuts AND candied cherries, all in one little cake?
  3. Climb the Christmas tree if the conversation becomes too personal. As soon as your relative seems like they might ask about your grades, find the nearest evergreen and scale that sucker.
  4. Threaten to flick a booger into the nearest appetizer platter if someone tries to drum up a convo about your drinking habits (Obviously, over here at the BA we don’t endorse booger-flicking, but the threat is enough for your relative to back off).
  5. If climbing the Christmas tree doesn’t work, then only answer questions about your relationship status by using quotes from the best holiday movie ever, “Love Actually.” If you haven’t seen it, STREAM IT IMMEDIATELY, because you will probably be able to use that ammunition at some point this holiday season.
  6. Wear a Rudolph nose to the holiday party. It’s a lot harder to ask someone a serious question about their future if they resemble a stop-motion reindeer.
  7. If none of these work, just try to be as honest as you can. Remember, it’s okay to not have everything figured out when you’re in your early 20s. No one expects you to. When it comes to your future, your academic career or your personal life, it’s up to you what you get to tell your family.